Hobo eReader Cover in 30 minutes! UPDATED

Hobo eReader Cover

I made a cover for my Kobo Touch in about 30 minutes. It was meant to be a flimsy joke, but I think I went slightly overboard. Since I got my Kobo Touch ( it really needs a name, suggestions? ), The Great and Powerful @Crusaderofchaos has been pestering me about getting a cover. I really -should- get a cover he’s right.

So when he pestered me today I just made one.

UPDATED I re-did the straps! Scroll down!


Hobo eReader tools needed


  • Cardboard for the cover. I just grabbed a random piece, I think it’s the remains of a strong soap box… No more ranting for me (so lame…) It had a nice lip thingy that worked well for the closing flap.
  • Ruler or anything with a straight edge that can help wiht folding cardboard
  • Craft Knife to cut the cardboard to size
  • Electric tape. Something tape-like with a sticky end that would stick to the cardboard. (electric tape is a horrible choice but it’s what I had in my box )
  • Scissors for the tape
  • Snap clips and a tool to attach them with.
  • Hammer for the snap clips


Unfortunately I only have pictures of the completed project. Quite the quick and dirty little project, everything is quite straight forward.

  1. Cut the piece of cardboard to the size of your eReader. The soap box lid part was the exact right size for me. The height should be the same or slightly bigger than the eReader and it should be long enough to make the back and front facing side of the cover, remember there needs to be a spine as well.
  2. Fold the cardboard into the U shape, use the ruler or straight edge to make the folding easier.
  4. Next I devised the straps, which are so horrible, horrible. Cut a strip of tape a bit longer than the width of the reader. Cut another strip that is slightly smaller, stick this piece of tape on the sticky side of the first piece of tape. So you’d end up with a piece of tape that is only sticky at the ends. Stick one side the the outside of the cover and let it flop over. Place eReader in the cover so you can measure where the other side of the strap need to be stuck. Rinse repeat, test with your eReader to make sure it’s the right size, my lower strap ended up a bit too loose. To secure the straps, stick a long piece of tape vertically over the ends. The ends of the vertical piece of tape should wrap round from the front of the cover. These horizontal straps don’t really secure the eReader that while, if they’re slightly loose the eReader would probably slip out. Best to use corner straps! I might fix the Hobo eReader cover to use those.
    UPDATE: Obviously the above was the worst idea EVER! Instead I made a face plate out of cardboard so it functions a bit more like a box. Scroll down to the edited section.
  5. Only the closing flap thingy left. At first I thought a piece of Prestick would do the trick, but I never can get that stuff to stick to anything. So I remembered I had some snap clips in my sewing box! I’d suggest starting with the flap piece, I used the male bit of the clip here so the cover would lay flat on a table when open. Attach the flap clip and then from there eyeball where the female side should go on the back of the cover. If your cardboard didn’t have a convenient curvy bit like mine, you can always glue an extra piece on or use a piece of string, or not bother at all.
  6. That’s the Hobo eReader cover! It cost nothing out of pocket, had all the tools round the house and it only took 30 minutes. Obviously you can decorate it and actually take some time to measure things, but I like how it’s got a grungy feel to it. I didn’t even notice the piece of cardboard I used was torn like that until I took the photos, oops.

This is pretty much going to be my eReader’s storage cover for now, until I get round to the shops to buy a nice cover. Or perhaps I’ll tweak it a bit… but it’s a bit bulky for use while reading.


UPDATE (25 November)!!!

Hobo eReader Cover Update

After taking Meredith ( my Kobo Touch has a name! ) out of the straps, it seems to have stretch and stopped holding him in place. So I FIXED IT. ( another overkill I know, but it was bothering me so much, how to make something that would actually work ). So check the gallery below.

It’s a very snug fit, because I didn’t measure anything… You should really measure things. But I’m happy with the result. I might still play around how to cover the edge of the fleece on the cover. I don’t think the electrical tape will stick to the fluffiness.

So now I can go and buy Meredith a proper cover…