Hobo? No KOBO!


eReaders. Right? Awesome.

In between tweeting awesome Kobo coupons, The Great and Powerful @Crusaderofchaos pointed out, a week or three ago, that the Kobo Touch was on special at Pick n Pay at R799 instead of R1299! I missed it, because lazy. But it seems it came back (well for White, Blue, and Lilac colours) and after tons of nagging and bothering on twitter I caved… I LOVE IT… so far.

After failing in my attempt to persuade the shop attendants that the Silver one was a White one, I ended up with a BLUE  one.

20131111_195006_kobobKobo Touch Blue Back

I’ve been using my iPad 2 as an eReader. I never really felt like it was an issue, but after diving into Doomsday Book this afternoon on the Kobo Touch, my eyeballs are so excited. Apparently I didn’t even realize the glare was giving me eye strain! Perhaps it’s because I’m “used to” staring at a bright laptop screen for extended periods of time.

It’s so pretty!

AND it has some extra features: Chess, Suduko, Web browser and this…..

Baah!IT's so FLUFFY!!



… my credit card however does not love the Kobo Touch.



Now I just need to get me a nice cover like these!

Tuff-Luv Embrace Plus Faux Leather Case for Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Touch Embrace case cover for Kobo Reader

To cover up that horrible blue backside….