PREPARE TO… oe fishy!

Dark Soles II

Dark Souls II is set to release March 2014. PREPARE TO DIE!

I’ve been quite excited since I heard about Dark Souls II. I love and hate Dark Souls so much, for the exact same reason, it’s SO HARD. It’s one of the most rewarding games in my library. I just love that feeling of triumph when you finally manage to defeat that enemy that has been slaughtering you mercilessly. Also it was quite entertaining for my friends to watch me play… and die… over… and over… and over… and over again. I came close to flinging my Xbox controller against the wall several times, but I didn’t. IT WILL NOT DEFEAT ME. (she says mumbling something about rage quitting after 5 hours of grinding went down the drain with one stupid, stupid, stupid choice).

But even through all those ups and downs, the game breathtakingly beautiful. Around every turn there’s some of other fantastic creature ready to slaughter you, but it’s so pretty…

Dark Souls II

and from the screenshots and the gameplay we saw at rAge, it looks very promising.

I think Dark Souls is going onto my holiday games schedule, I could probably play it without loosing my mind when I’m not pressured by work. Gaming is one of the ways I try to relax (my brain is always super active with work stuff if I don’t partake in some escapism), so I pretty much stopped playing Dark Souls because it was stressing me out too much.

I got a pre-order link to the Collector’s Edition today, so tempting. No price on it though which is a bit worrying. Aw man, and now I see it’s for PS3, guess I’ll just keep a lookout.

Dark Souls II Collector's Edition

  • Gorgeous premium quality 12 inch tall Warrior Knight figurine, made from solid PVC weighing nearly 16 full ounces
  • Figurine is packed inside a custom printed display box with transparent window (8.7′ x 6.3′ x 15′)
  • Exclusive hardbound artbook filled with never-seen-before images from the game developer (7.5′ x 5.3′)
  • Sizable full-color microfiber game map perfect for mounting onto your wall (16.5′ x 11.7′)
  • The Black Armor Edition metal case will house both the game disc as well as the original game soundtrack (composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who composed the full score for the 2011 hit Dark Souls)

I might just go for the Black Armor Edition. The figurine does look impressive though:

Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Figurine



Dark Souls II