Seems Khajiit

Seems Khajiit

Khajiits are one of the main things I love about the world of Skyrim. They are a race of anthropomorphic felines who hail from palce called -Elswyre, where it’s always warm!

My Skyrim character started out as a lonely, lost Khajiit, with no idea what the hell she was doing. To make matters worse, after Khajiit escaped a horrible dragon attack, she was beset by angry villagers after trying to eat a chicken in streets of Riverwood. The Nords are very, very attached to their chickens. Khajiit did not know this. Khajiit is a hungry predator. Khajiit see chicken. Khajiit catch chicken. Khajiit eat chicken. The whole village of Riverwood was so upset about the chicken incident, Khajiit’s Deadra Time Lord had to rewind time to before the “incident”. Out of pure principle Khajiit sneaked back into the town and waited for the chicken in a dark corner where no one could see. The chicken has never been found.

I’ll chronicles some of the weird stuff that’s happened in Skyrim some other time. For now, here’s some cool Khajiit memes!!

Take a look… Take a look - Khajiit / Skyrim

Khajiit has wares if you have coin

I really hate the Nord so much, all of them yell such hateful things at Khajiit. Khajiit has many Nord hides adorning her lair.

You'll make a fine rug, CAT

They Call me Dragonborn - Khajiit / Skyrim
M'aiq is tired... - Khajiit / Skyrim

Speaking of M’aiq!! Here’s a clip of all the things M’aiq says in Skyrim.


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