Hobo? No KOBO!


eReaders. Right? Awesome.

In between tweeting awesome Kobo coupons, The Great and Powerful @Crusaderofchaos pointed out, a week or three ago, that the Kobo Touch was on special at Pick n Pay at R799 instead of R1299! I missed it, because lazy. But it seems it came back (well for White, Blue, and Lilac colours) and after tons of nagging and bothering on twitter I caved… I LOVE IT… so far.

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What’s in the box?

A mysterious package was delivered to my door by a Black Knight* riding a three-legged pony** on Friday***. WHAT COULD IT BE?


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What do you get when you cross a unicorn and a dragon? Apparently a Hufficorn!!!

The Crusader of Chaos was the one to name this mythical beast )

I wanted to do a  drawing of two horsemen, charging into battle, swords drawn, feathers whipping in the wind, but this happened. The rough sketch of the first horse head looked so derpy (and reminded me of the horse from Adventure Time) that I changed my mind and made this instead. A Hufficorn.

Front part unicorn, rear part dragon! All parts freaky.

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It is time…


… that I got a blog up and running!

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